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You can't just have a fucking website for your Greetings Cards and it just do well by itself. I actually have to put effort into this shit and it's not fair. Apparently I have to have keywords on my homepage so it appears in more Google searches. Yes I'm literally just writing this for that reason and nothing else. If you're reading this, you're wasting your time. I just want to slide buzzwords like Independent and Illustration in. Perhaps a funny, or a rude, or George The Cardmaker. Actually that's a good one. What about my website? That would probably be good. Funny greetings cards? Yeah why not. Humour. Art. Art? Clutching at straws there, George. Honestly, I'm a card maker/marketing genius and whatever I'm getting paid isn't enough. It isn't. Which is why I'm doing this. If you have any SEO term ideas let me know: Haha, even got my email address in there. Nice. Oh social media yeah that's good. Instagram, yep. Facebook, yes. Twitter, yeah sure why not. 

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